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Trading Career
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Discover how you can grow from trainee to managing millions in capital as an institutional trader within 5 years.

How can you grow at DGF ?

The sky is the limit

DGF Career Plan

Where do you want to be in the next 5 years as a trader? 

Are you aiming for heights most traders will never get a change of experiencing? 

Are you aiming to have the skill to profitably exploit big capital and take home amazing profits?

With the DGF Career Plan the road that lies ahead of you can be very promising. Based upon your trading skills you can grow from trainee to managing millions in capital within just a few short years.

*this video is a short preview of the full career plan presentation

“Traders need capital to make profits.

And you’ll need Big capital to make Big profits”

Scale BIG In Capital

Where ‘normal’ (struggling) traders take the approach of trying to grow a small trading account into a big one, our traders take the fast route.

We first focus heavily on getting our traders to the professional skill level they need to be to profitably manage bigger capital.

Then, we provide them with the capital they need to grow fast in profits and salary.

Every four times a trader hits the profit target of 2.5% per month you will scale in the total size of your trading capital.

Consistent results get rewarded all the way up to $7 million in capital.

"A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity"

Most doors to institutional trading firms are closed for starting traders without a masters degree or strong track record. We believe in a different approach.


We believe that unstoppable passion for trading, drive and ambition to succeed the ingredients are that make or break a good trader.


Everything else can be taught.


We have opened the doors to our career plan for a select few  to be trained from scratch no matter your level of experience or background.

The one thing we select on is your level of motivation.

"We don't believe in limits"

Are you looking to join an institutional trading firm that does not believe in limits and learn how to manage large amounts of capital?
This is your 'once in a lifetime opportunity'.

Sign up for a 30 minute call and show us you have what it takes.


A Pro Trader
Big Capital

Trainee | Funded Trader
from 0 to $400.000 IN CAPITAL
Professional Trader
up to $675.000 in CAPITAL
Institutional Trader
Up TO $1.4M in CAPITAL
Senior Trader
up to $3.25M in CAPITAL
Chief Trading Officer
up to $7M in CAPITAL

Growth Metrics

Million $
1 %
profit target

Funding Awards

Traders that pass our trading exams receive an official trading certificate and their according funded trading accounts. 


From this moment forward you will be trading on real capital and share in all the profits you make.

The Wall Of Fame

Claim your spot on our wall of fame at one of our trading desks. 


The higher you climb in capital the more awards will display your name on the wall of fame.

How Do You Qualify?

We believe everyone with passion for the financial markets and the ambition to succeed in trading can learn how to trade.


We do not ask for university degrees. Instead we look at your motivation and hunger for success.


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