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Institutional Trading Education

Elevate your trading game and learn institutional trading strategies.

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Unlock institutional funding and reach new heights in profits and returns.

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Step up your trading skills and train with industry professionals.

Learn How To Trade, Get Funded,
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This Is What We Do:

Better than anyone…

We train traders that struggle to become profitable how to trade like an institutional trader.

Once consistently profitable we will help you get funded with $100.000 to $400.000 in trading capital from investors in your first year and build a long term relationship from there.

As a trader at our trading firm you will receive a 56% profit split on all the profits you make on your live account.

‘Amazing right?’

And that will be the start of your professional trading career.

This Is Why We Do It:

With everything we’ve got…

” Our Unstoppable Passion For Trading”

Our internal drive comes from our unstoppable passion for trading. We are a trading firm on a mission to become the best in what we do and we breathe everything trading. 

Teamwork and building a network of institutional traders that manage big capital is our core focus.

“We Win When You Win”

When our traders make a profit, we make a profit. We’re perfectly incentivized to make our traders the best they can possibly be. It’s our aim to make a profit on the capital we deploy in the markets and the more profitable traders we have the more revenue our firm makes.

This is why we will only win if you win.

‘Teamwork Makes The Dream Work’

“In the world of trading, teamwork is key to success. By pooling our resources and knowledge, we can achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively. Together, we can make the trading dream a reality.”

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Learn from traders that trade on big capital and have experience.

Virtual Trading Desk

Get access to the #1 online trading desk for professional traders.

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Get funded with institutional capital and scale your profits.

Everything You Need To Become An Institutional Trader.

This Is How We Train Our Traders:

take your trading to the next level.

Online Institutional
Trading Desk

Take the first step to an institutional trading career. Our online platform gives you the tools and resources you need to succeed at trading.


  • Institutional Trading Courses
  • Professional Guidance
  • Mindset Training
  • Funding Capital
  • Live Market Updates
  • Trade Breakdowns
  • Live Calls

And much more…


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The more you learn, the more you earn.

Complete Courses On How To Trade

Become an institutional trader learning from industry professionals with our complete courses. 


From fundamentals to advanced trading strategies, we’ve got you covered. 



Take the first step towards financial success in trading and enroll now.

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Share and profit together.

Upcoming Trade Setups In The Trade Room

Copy the trades of professional traders and share your charts to receive valuable feedback. With the trade room you get access to live market discussions, market breakdowns, upcoming trades and live-feedback on your own trades.


Elevate your trading game with the Trade Room.

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Your network becomes your net worth.

Network & Train With Professional Traders

As a trader, building a strong network of successful traders is crucial to your success. The virtual trading desk gives you the opportunity to do just that.


Connect with experienced and funded traders, participate in group discussions, join weekly live calls, and even practice together in the trading simulator.


Don’t go at it alone – join our network of professionals and take your trading to the next level.

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Biru at Glance

Building Your Professional Trading Career. Step By Step.


Take control of your trading career with our step-by-step program to build your professional trading skills. Lean from experienced institutional traders and build the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. 


Plus, with the opportunity to become a funded trader and trade with capital from $100.000, you’ll have the resources you need to take your career to the next level. 


Don’t just dream of a successful trading career – make it a reality.

Learn The Skills Of An Institutional Trader

Track your progress in building a professional trading career on the virtual trading desk. Build upon your strengths and improve your weaknesses.


The reward? Becoming profitable and scale your capital.

Fundamental Analyses
Technical Analyses
Risk Management
Trading Psychology

Economic News Updates

Stay up to date on the latest economic news updates. With real-time updates and analyses from our team you will never be in the dark when it comes to the markets.

Mindset Training

Led by experienced professionals we cover a wide range of topics designed to improve your mental toughness, focus, decision-making skills as a trader.

Institutional Bias Updates

Get an inside look at ‘long & short’ data of big institutional players in the market. This valuable information can help you make more informed decisions about market trends.

DGF Career Plan

Get step-by-step guidance on how to become an institutional trader. From first learning the basics to more advanced knowledge, all the way to becoming funded with BIG trading capital.

Fundamental Analyses

Stay ahead of the game with in-depth fundamental market analyses. Review economic indicators, industry trends, and central banks news updates.

Trading Podcast & Interviews

Get access to our trading podcasts and interviews with industry leaders. From expert analyses to real-world strategies, our library of content has something for every trader.

Are you up for the mission?

Our mission is to make you our next profitable trader.

At Daily Green Forex, our mission is to empower traders of all levels to reach their full potential. We believe that with the right tools, resources, and support, anyone can become a profitable trader.


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Receive official certifications upon completion of courses.