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Watch How 12 Struggling Traders Battle To Become Professional Traders, Try To Walk Away With $100.000 Each, A Seat At Our Trading Desk And Who Can Call Himself The Next Top Trader.
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Trading Strategies

Learn proven-to-be-profitable trading strategies that simply work.


Trading Capital

We help traders secure trading capital ($100.000 and beyond) from 3rd party investors and share in the profits.


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Learn everything you need to know to become a successful trader in our online trading university.


Performance Coaching

We help our traders move there boundries with extensive one on one performance coaching.

We teach traders the full stack on the business of trading and building a professional trading career.

Having the right blueprint is essential for a successful transformation from starting trader to professional trader. A professional trading career starts with the right guidance and the speed at which we train traders to reach professional levels is unmatched by anyone in our industry.
  • Learn to apply highly profitable trading strategies
  • Become part of a trading community with professional traders
  • Trade on a big trading account with $100.000 or more in capital
  • Build a professional trading career and work at our physical or virtual trading desk

Discover how you can go from starting trader to professional trader in under 6 months...

And trade on a $100.000 trading account.

Watch the video to see how Bas went from struggling trader to trading on a $100.000 trading account in under 6 months.

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Every day our traders are analysing the markets looking for great opportunities to make a profit. When we're not actively trading we're backtesting or training together to improve our skills.
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What does your firm trade?

As traders, we mainly focus on the Foreign Exchange Market trading the world’s biggest currencies. (Euro, Pound, Us Dollar)

Besides our main focus being on the forex market we can’t help ourselves but also paying close attention to the commodities, indices, stocks & bonds & crypto market.

How can I join the team?

We’re always looking for new talent. You can contact us in the contact section to schedule a call to further discuss the possibilities.

Do you take outside investments?

No, we do not take or trade with outside (small) investments other than our current investors or funding partners.

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