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Everything and anything you need to build a professional trading career. All in one place.

The online university where starting traders transition to professional trading careers.

The core 4 disciplines we teach our traders:

Market Fundamentals

Proven Trading Strategies

Mindset Development

Capital & Businessplan

Discover how you can go from starting trader to professional trader in under 6 months...

And trade on a $100.000 trading account.

Watch the video to see how Bas went from struggling trader to trading on a $100.000 trading account in under 6 months.

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``We believe anyone can learn how to trade, no matter where you're from or your level of education. Passion is what counts.``
Ben Brink Chief Trading Officer - Daily Green Forex

We've build world's #1
Virtual Trading Desk.

Get access to a professional trading community by simply login in to our online platform. Anywhere in the world.

We Teach The Full Stack Of Trading


Trading Strategies

Learn proven-to-be-profitable trading strategies that simply work.


Trading Capital

We help traders secure trading capital ($100.000 and beyond) from 3rd party investors and share in the profits.


Trading University

Learn everything you need to know to become a successful trader in our online trading university.


Performance Coaching

We help our traders move there boundries with extensive one on one performance coaching.

We teach traders the full stack on the business of trading and building a professional trading career.

Having the right blueprint is essential for a successful transformation from starting trader to professional trader. A professional trading career starts with the right guidance and the speed at which we train traders to reach professional levels is unmatched by anyone in our industry.
  • Learn to apply highly profitable trading strategies
  • Become part of a trading community with professional traders
  • Trade on a big trading account with $100.000 or more in capital
  • Build a professional trading career and work at our physical or virtual trading desk

And that is only the beginning...

This is why the university will transform your trading career:

Tackle the #1 roadblock that is keeping starting traders from success... Capital.

Learn how to secure outside funding and scale your trading capital to big heights. Starting at $100.000 you can scale well beyond the 1 million dollars in capital within a few years.
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Become part of a professional trading team and reach your success faster...

``Teamwork makes the dream work.`` - Trading is not easy and that is why you definitely do not want to take on this journey by yourself. Having a strong team of successful traders around you can make the difference between struggling for years and becoming profitable in a few months.
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And we do not stop there...

Check out some of the other functions we offer on the virtual trading desk:

Live Training Sessions

Join in on live backtesting sessions, webinars, team meetings & one on one coaching calls.

Performance Tracking Sheets

Use our performance tracking sheets to keep track of your backtesting and live trading results.

Economic Calander

Get notified for important and high impact news events. Always one click away.

Friend Requests

Build trading partners for life. Connect with successful traders from all over the world.


See what traders are saying about us

Nick van Straaten

Pro Trader

At first I had no idea what forex was all about but daily green forex helped me a lot from de beginning to where I'm now. They explained everything you need to know about forex and they have many profit proven strategy's you can backtest yourself, so if you are new to forex or you want to get more knowledge I surely recommend it to you.

The start of your forex journey

If you ever thought of starting your forex journey, this is by far the best place to start. I as an experienced trader can confirm this. I have been trading for over 5 years and use my own strategy, but I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn more strategies to generate more income. Joining DailyGreen was the perfect move for me. Not only the course that DailyGreen provides is of high quality but also the team and community behind the company help you a lot in your trading journey. Hope to see more motivated traders join me and my colleagues here at the desk soon!

Fantastic course!

An amazing course, with the best help and explanation that you can get. I defenitely recommend it to everyone.

Best Course

Started trading with Dailygreenforex about 4 months ago and I learned so much already! Would highly recommend their course if you want to get started with trading.

Thank You Dailygreen

For the last 2 years I have spend some time trading different forex pairs and also some cryptocurrencies. The only problem with me is that I lacked consistency. I did not have a trading plan and I just tried some different techniques to analyse the market.
Dailygreen has given me a technique to work on and also helped me to set goals. With the right mindset and plan, there is nothing you can't achieve. Thank you Dailygreen for all the help and support to achieve a better version of myself.
MC Cuartio


Recently i bought this trading course. The explanation about the basics for becoming a professional trader are in this course. You will learn more about their strategies, so i recommend this course.
Mohamed A.

DGF, way to go!

The course is really helpful and refreshing for beginning traders. The people behind it are very experienced and have several good working trading techniques. If you are motivated and disciplined enough to make it work, you will make it work. But if you lack either, it can be harder for you to benefit fully from this course.

The complete package!

Daily green forex academy really does offer the complete package to help you tackle the Forex market. Here, you will get the discipline and mentorship needed to be in the small percentage of profitable traders.

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