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Build A Professional Trading Career.

Learn how to trade the institutional way,
become part of a professional trading team,
and get funded with your first $100.000

Institutional Trading Education

Elevate your trading game and learn institutional trading strategies.

Get Funded With Big Capital

Unlock institutional funding and reach new heights in profits and returns.

Get Trained By Pro Traders

Step up your trading skills and train with industry professionals.

Learn How To Trade, Get Funded,
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We Build Pro Traders

Better than anyone...

We’re a financial trading firm that trains struggling traders to become profitable and help them build professional trading careers.

1. First we teach you how to trade like an institutional trader.


2. Once consistently profitable we will fund you with $100.000 to $400.000 in trading capital from investors in your first year and build a long term relationship from there.

‘Amazing right?’

And that’s the start of your professional trading career.

"We Win When You Win"

When Our traders make a profit,
we make a profit.

This is why we train our traders to be the best. 

As a financial trading firm it’s our aim to make a profit on the capital we deploy in the markets. 

The more profitable traders we have the more revenue our firm makes.


“Now That’s What We Call A Real Partnership

'Teamwork Makes The Dream Work'

In the world of trading, teamwork is key to success. By pooling our resources and knowledge, we can achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively. Together, we can make your trading dreams a reality.” – Jordi Brink, CEO DGF

Learn From Professionals

Learn from traders that trade on big capital and have experience.

Virtual Trading Desk

Get access to the #1 online trading desk from anywhere in the world.

Trade With Our Capital

Get funded with institutional capital and scale your profits.

Everything You Need To Become An Institutional Trader.

This Is How We Train Our Traders:

The journey you will take:

The Roadmap To Institutional Trader

We have developed a 5-phased roadmap for helping traders build professional trading careers and scale in capital. 

It has been proven to work, over and over again.



Phase 1 – Theory. Learn institutional trading concepts with step-by-step trading courses and join in on live mentor sessions.


Phase 2 – Practice. Step into the trading simulator alongside a coach to practice the theory in a demo environment with historical trading data.


Time to prove yourself in the online exam.

After phase 1 & 2 we'll start to prepare for your exam.

Phase 3 – Pre Exam Training. Learn how to trade with the live market in a demo environment and build your trading mindset and risk management.


Phase 4 – Trading Exam. Prove you’ve mastered everything you have learned in an official trading exam. Once you pass the exam you will be funded with your first $100.000 in trading capital.

Receive Your First $100.000 In Funding.

From now on you can call yourself a professional trader.

Phase 5 – DGF Career Plan. You are now a funded trader and we will work on maintaining your profitability, discipline and scaling your capital. Target for the first year is $400.000 funded and the maximum in 5 years is up to $7 million.

Each phase starts with guidance from experienced mentors in trading and ends with trading exams to test your progress and skills. 


Many Traders Have Walked
This Roadmap Before You...

BREAK OUT The STruggling trader phase...

Almost all traders are endlessly stuck in what we call ‘the struggling trader phase’. 


Retail Trading Never Wins.

It's incredibly frustrating and feels like an endless loop.

We Trade: 'Reverse Retail' ™


Learn How To Trade Institutional Orderflow

Get funded with institutional capital and scale your profits.

At Daily Green Forex we teach our traders how to trade ‘reverse’ retail. 

Banks and institutions control and move the market. They trade for corporate gain and attract some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

Algorithms and complex financial data (simply not available to the retail trader) enable them to swoop liquidity out of the markets every minute of the day.

As institutional trader you will learn how to trade along side the big players in the market. To transition from the retail side, trading retail strategies and consistently loosing, to trading alongside the market makers and ride the big waves they make in the markets.



'Information' Alone Is Not Enough...

Share and profit together.

It's All About The 'Implementation'

Receive the guidance that you need from a professional team.

Every step along the way.



Your network becomes your net worth.

Network & Train With Professional Traders

As a trader, building a strong network of successful traders is crucial to your success. The virtual trading desk gives you the opportunity to do just that.


Connect with experienced and funded traders, participate in group discussions, join weekly live calls, and even practice together in the trading simulator.


Don’t go at it alone – join our network of professionals and take your trading to the next level.

Share and profit together.

Upcoming Trade Setups In The Trade Room

Copy the trades of professional traders and share your charts to receive valuable feedback. With the trade room you get access to live market discussions, market breakdowns, upcoming trades and live-feedback on your own trades.


Elevate your trading game with the Trade Room.

This Is How...

Our Traders Are On The Right Side Of The Markets.


We believe actions speak louder than words.
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The Next Top Trader

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Discover how we've turned 12 struggling traders into professionals within just 90 days...

...and who will walk away with $100.000 in trading capital.

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