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Become A Funded Trader

No Big Profits Without
BIG Capital

Learn how to trade the institutional way, become part of a professional trading team and get funded with your first $100,000

First we teach you how to trade. Once consistently profitable we will fund you with $100,000 to $400,000 in trading capital from investors within your first year.

11 +
Million In Trading Capital Allocated

We Win
When You Win

When our traders make a profit, we make a profit. This is why we train our traders to be the best in the industry.

As a financial trading firm it’s our aim to make a profit on the capital we deploy in the markets.

The more profitable traders we have the more revenue our firm makes.

Now That’s What We Call A Real Partnership.
The 5 Phases

The Roadmap To Pro Trader

We have developed a 5-phased roadmap for helping traders build professional trading careers and scale in capital.

It has been proven to work, over and over again.
Phase 1 - Theory
Learn institutional trading concepts with step-by-step trading courses and join in on live mentor sessions.
Phase 2 - Practice
Step into the trading simulator alongside a coach to practice the theory in a demo environment with historical trading data.

Online Theory Exam
Time to prove yourself in the online exam.
After phase 1 & 2 we'll start to prepare for your exam.
The 5 Phases
Phase 3 - Live Demo Markets
Learn how to trade with the live market in a demo environment and build your trading mindset and risk management.
Phase 4 - Trading Exam
Prove you’ve mastered everything you have learned in an official trading exam. Once you pass the exam you will be funded with your first $100.000 in trading capital.
$100,000 Funding
Receive Your First $100.000 In Funding.
From now on you can call yourself a professional trader.
Phase 5 - Career Plan
You are now a funded trader and we will work on maintaining your profitability, discipline and scaling your capital. Target for the first year is $400.000 funded
The Big Question Is:

Are You Our Next
Funded Trader?

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